Américana Passover

October 25-November 11

Created by Organs of State

Featuring: Paul Ashey, Kelsey Bramson, Samantha Galarza, Sara Lyons, Cyrus Soliman

In Memoriam

A month long performance spanning five immersive,
site-specific events & the Internet, February 2012

417 E 12th Street #6B, Manhattan | 155 S. 2nd Street, Brooklyn | Two Moon Art House and Café
Studio 5 | 208 Bowery

Conceived by Organs of State
Produced by Guy Yedwab & Organs of State

Story Directed by Benjamin Lundberg
Social Media Directed by Guy Yedwab
Videography by Will Notini, Guy Yedwab, & Benjamin Lundberg
Sets Created by Joel Fullerton

Story and Performances Conceived by and Featuring: Joel Fullerton,
Marika Kent, Euthymios Logothetis, Benjamin Lundberg, Erin E. McGuff,
Will Notini, Sarah Wharton, & Guy Yedwab
Photos from the In Memoriam archive

Production Notes:

To you, our audience: In Memoriam explores the stories we inadvertently create as we record our lives daily in the public spaces of the Internet. We canonize minutia -- tweets, posts, tumbls -- and as these small memorials collect, they form an illusory landscape that becomes the only ground upon which we feel comfortable standing. What's meant to be small -- your dinner -- becomes big and definitive, but what should be big -- your marriage proposal -- is miniaturized and easily confined to a status.

Think about this: You lose one of the characters from your life (not a major player, more like the woman who works three cubicles down, or the guy you swapped stories with on your junior-high bus route). This loss throws
the clockwork of daily memorialization into sharp relief by forcing the question: how do I bear witness to loss



Production Notes cont'd:

in such an illusory landscape, and then: does that landscape provide fertile enough soil on which to sow a worthy response?

The critical space that transmedia creates through the intersection of multiple modes of storytelling -- social media, fictional prose, video, and live performance -- allows for direct engagement with these questions and affords us an opportunity to have our digital lives burst into real space.

In Memoriam’s performance happens daily. As new content emerges online, you, our audience, receive the next piece of the story while we, the performers, extend its reach to meet you weekly through live theatrical events.



Photos by Will Notini and Benjamin Lundberg

José Pérez IV’s FIGHTER

October 13 — 23, 2011 at The Shell Theater

Created by José Pérez IV
Produced by Guy Yedwab & Organs of State

Directed by José Pérez IV
Fight Direction by Mitch McCoy
Stage Managed by Olivia Edery
Costume Design by Elizabeth Denning
Lights Design by Marika Kent
Sound Design by Sarah Lurie
Projection & Video Design by Euthymios Logothetis
Visual Art by Melanie Glickman & Carlotta Summers

Featuring: Andy Zou, Carissa Matsushima, Carlotta Summers, Casey Deming, Cornelius Franklin, Frankie Alicea, Gabe Green, Jason Suran, John Charles Ceccherelli, José Perez IV, Katie Polin, Keenan Jolliff, Kevin C. Gall, Logan McCoy, Madeline Lewis, Melanie Glickman, Michele Tirondola, Mitch McCoy, Par Juneja, Shannon Foy, Taylor Marsh, Trevor Buteau

The First Ladies Project

April 21 — May 1, 2011 at New York Theater Workshop’s 4th Street Theater

Conceived by Claire Downs
Produced by Guy Yedwab & Organs of State

Directed by Annie Tippe
Stage Managed by Kaela Garvin
Costume Design by Eleot Reich
Lighting Design by Marika Kent
Sound Design by Eric Biel
Projection Design by Ben Lundberg

Collaboratively Written by and Featuring: Kim Blanck, Dana Clinkman, Claire Downs, Ryann Weir, Annie Tippe
Photos by Will Notini

Photos by Kathleen Ching

Percival’s Big Night

January 25 — February 6, 2011 at The Monkey

Written by Jarret Kerr
Produced by Guy Yedwab & Organs of State

Directed by Will Sullivan
Costume Supervision by Calaine Schafer
Production Assisanted by Amanda Hillsberg & Kristina Mueller

Featuring: Tommy Nelms, Sarah Wharton, Jarret Kerr, and Angelica Reeve

The Story of the Chisel Boy

December 15 — 19, 2010 at Teatro Circulo

Created by Benjamin Lundberg
Adapted from the Short Story by J.C. Torres
Produced by Guy Yedwab & Organs of State

Directed by Benjamin Lundberg
Set Design by Andy Yanni
Costumes Design by Lily Warpinski
Lights Design by Marika Kent
Sound Design by Benjamin Lundberg

Featuring: Tim Long, Lisa Long, Adriana Spencer, and Paul Ashey
Photos by Wayne Takenaka

Photos by Sasha Arutyunova

The End

September 21 — 28, 2010 at The Wings Theater
Written by Guy Yedwab
Directed by Ben Lundberg

Stage Managed by Susie Duecker
Light Consulting by Daniel Johnsen
Follow Spot by Euthymios Logothetis

Featuring: Guy Yedwab & Will Notini

Performance Anxiety

May 12 — 15, 2010 at The Shop Theater

Written by Guy Yedwab
Produced by Guy Yedwab & Organs of State

Co-Directed by Guy Yedwab & Stephanie Kronenberg
Stage Managed by Victoria Myrthil
Lighting Design by Michelle Tobias
Human Cage Construction by Joel Fullerton
Composition by Kelsey Larsen

Featuring: Guy Yedwab, Sydney Matthews, Matthew Carr

Photos by Guy Yedwab

Photos by Aaron Hill


February 25 — March 6, 2010 at The Paradise Factory

Adapted from the play by William Shakespeare
by John Kurzynowski & the company
Produced by Sydney Matthews, Guy Yedwab & Organ of State

Directed by John Kurzynowski
Stage Managed by Cynthia Hennon, Mickey McGuire
Lighting and Set Design by Natalie Robin
Sound Design by Kate Marvin
Master Electrics by Marika Kent

Featuring: Jaclyn Backhaus, Jonathan Bock, Matthew Capodicasa, Tommy Heleringer, Stacy Jordan, Anastasia Olowin, Miguel Pinzon, Jon Riddleberger, Eugene Michael Santiago, Tina Shepard, Kyle Williams.


May 21 — 22, 2009 at 440 Studios

Written by Inés García
Produced by Guy Yedwab & Organs of State

Direced by Inés García
Assistant Direction by Sarah Rose Leonard
Production and Stage Managed by Guy Yedwab
Costume Design by Christina Kim
Projection Design by Alejandro Soto Goico

Featuring: Inés García, José Pérez IV

Photos by Alejandro Soto Goico

The Kafka Project

September 22 — 26, 2009 at The Shop Theater

Created by the Organs of State Ensemble
Produced by Guy Yedwab & Organs of State

Directed by Guy Yedwab
Stage Management, Addy Cahill, Will Notini
Lights Designed by Joseph Wegmann
Sets Designed by Dan Stearns
Produced by Sydney Matthews

With: Susie Duecker, Kate Eastman, Joel Fullerton, Ines Garcia, Sydney Matthews, Caitlin McInerney, Wren Noble, Anastasia Olowin, Fanny Schmid, Guy Yedwab


March 11 — 15, 2008 at The Shop Theater

Created by Guy Yedwab
Produced by Sydney Matthews & Organs of State

Directed by Guy Yedwab
Choreographed by Alix Angelis & Guy Yedwab
Composition by Erica Diamond
Stage Managed by Addy Cahill & Will Notini
Lighting Designed by Josh Butz & Amanda Feuer
Projection Design by Guy Yedwab

Featuring: Spencer Novich, Joel Fullerton, Carina Renner, Andrew Butler, Matthew Gehring, Katherine Grant-Suttie, Caitlin McInerney, Emmy Walker
Adapted to film by Wren Noble & Guy Yedwab

Photos by Wren Noble, Graphic by Emmy Walker